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I only discovered my ability to write a whole book in 2011/2012 – aged almost 60! So take heart, it’s possible to become a published author even at that age! However I had known for a long time that I had an urge within me which makes me want to write about things. It’s just that with four children & a job, there wasn’t enough time or energy left over to do anything as sizable as a book. Once they had left home, though, I seized the opportunity, and got it done. The following year it was published in French, and now, in 2017, it’s being translated into German. Although I’m not doing the translating, it’s almost like producing a new book each time.

I’m now waiting for my second book to be accepted for publication. It is an introduction to the practice of Ignatian spirituality, and I’m afraid it’s in French only this time, the reason being that the subject is well-covered in English.

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