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I am English by birth, Swiss by marriage, quite a bit African in my heart after spending a lot of my childhood there & then working 15 years there with a Bible Translation & Language development organization. I loved our life, work & friends there. We then came back to Switzerland for family reasons, and after 18 years here, had the amazing feeling that I belong! I still have a slight accent wherever I am, but there you go! I have four children and four grandchildren, so far! They are wonderful, & normal! I love my two countries, swimming, tennis, reading, & WRITING, photography & so many things I'll just stop there.

A German version of “Thank God… “

Amazing, you must be thinking, if you know anything about my German! So just how did this come about? In 2016 I spoke at a Breakfast “do” in Bienne, a bilingual town near where I […]

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